Teach the Sacraments in a fun, age-appropriate, and highly engaging way!

We get it... lesson planning is HARD.

Are you tired of throwing together last minute lesson plans? We all are.

So when Shereen Marcus approached me with her unit on the Sacraments I thought--this I have to see.

Shereen is a longtime servant, a lawyer by profession, and has two boys herself. All of that SHOWS in the quality and detail of this beautiful unit.

Her Sacraments Unit isn't dry or stiff--there's laughter, there's action, and there are deep questions to broach with the kids!

Keep their attention. Teach them the Sacraments. #Simple #Done

This five-week unit is designed for middle school (but works from 4th grade up!). Every week, there is a detailed lesson plan (with a script!), an activity sheet for the kids to do (and take home to study from), and PowerPoint slides to present the content!

For the fifth week, the kids take part in the Sacrament Olympics, a three-round trivia competition to review ALL the material from the weeks before!!


Done for you!

Lesson Plans

Step-by-step instructions for how to present the core information in an engaging way using modern teaching techniques and methods


A PowerPoint presentation for each week with stylish graphics and clear information to support the lesson plan and help with review

Activity Sheets

Make review easier with activity sheets already prepared and ready to print!


Trivia Competition

In the fifth week of the unit, make sure the kids have learned the information through a three-round trivia competition that's ready for your use!

Get instant access to the Sacraments Unit now!

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Several years ago, my boys started giving me a hard time about going to Sunday School. Classrooms were crowded and volunteers were overwhelmed and ill-equipped to keep the kids engaged.

God had always given me a talent for writing and a talent I like to call... silliness. Others call it creativity--I'm not sure I am worthy of that compliment. I'm silly and I like to be silly with kids. I wanted to help, but didn't feel particularly qualified. I felt like God was convicting me to "get" qualified.

After some research, I began a program with the Antiochian House of Studies that is allowing me to receive a Masters in Orthodox Theology with a Youth Ministry Emphasis from the University of Balamand. By the grace of God, I completed the coursework and will be receiving my Masters Degree in 2018 (pending completion of my Masters Thesis).

Shereen Marcus

What am I getting?

You will receive a .zip file with the following...

- Lesson 1 Plan (.pdf)

- Lesson 1 Slides (.pptx)

- Lesson 1 Activity Sheet (.pdf)

- Lesson 2 Plan (.pdf)

- Lesson 2 Slides (.pptx)

- Lesson 2 Activity Sheet (.pdf)

- Lesson 3 Plan (.pdf)

- Lesson 3 Slides (.pptx)

- Lesson 3 Activity Sheet (.pdf)

- Lesson 4 Plan (.pdf)

- Lesson 4 Slides (.pptx)

- Lesson 4 Activity Sheet (.pdf)

-Trivia Competition Plan (.pdf)

-Trivia Competition Slides (.pptx)

-Trivia Competition Activity Sheet (.pdf)

 Fr. Anthony Messeh​​​​ 

 St. Timothy & St. Athanasius
Orthodox Church 


This curriculum is great! Not only did my kids learn a ton of information about the sacraments, but more importantly it helped them to practice them at a deeper level. Thanks so much for putting this together and making it available to us!

 Samy Safwat 

 Middle School Servant 


Shereen leveraged her experience with teaching children’s Sunday school to draft for us a curriculum on the sacraments. Her curriculum was straightforward, simple to use, and easily understood by the kids. I really like that it highlighted the sacraments of the church in a fun, yet theologically correct way.

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