Ever wonder what life is like for a new priest's family?

Becoming Tasoni: 15 Essays on Life as a Priest's Wife

Get a peek inside the challenges and triumphs of an average family trying to live out God's will in a not-so-average position.

76 pages with full-
color graphics

Now available in print
by popular demand!

Laura had her life perfectly planned out. She and her husband were on exactly the right career paths, her daughter had preschool under lock, and they were about to buy their first house. Then a call in the middle of the night changed everything.

In a series of raw and emotional essays, Laura comes to grips with her husband's new calling as a priest and her own role as tasoni (a priest's wife). In color with beautiful graphics and easy-to-digest formatting.

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$12.97 for print


Is it hard to read? Although written by an English major, the book is not too flowery. It's written in plain English (the same style I use in all my posts and e-mails). The essays are brief, and the formatting makes it very easy to digest.

Is it just for priest's wives? Absolutely not. Anyone who struggles with God's will in their life (and for their life) will find encouragement and camaraderie here.

Are there limits to how many copies I can buy? There are no limits on how many print copies you choose to get. So if you’ve been looking for an unusual but spiritually satisfying book for a friend, this is a great time to get multiple copies. 

Will this book tell me how to find and marry a future priest? Nope.

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